Why we are here.

We created Bright Growth Consultants to fill the void between traditional marketing firms/advertising agencies (which often lack business acumen, are more focused on creative awards and do not have the capability to uncover deep consumer insights) and consulting firms (which are often narrowly focused on IT solutions and implementation).


What we do.

At Bright Growth Consultants, our mission is simple: Develop an executable plan that helps you grow your business to a higher level of performance. With a foundation based on deep consumer insights and market knowledge, we create sound and successful pathways using a combination of business and brand strategy, digital transformation and renewal, and workforce enculturation — all of which are monitored through execution based on key accountability measures to ensure optimal performance.


We understand the integrated structure of businesses and recognize that, with rapidly shifting technologies and associated consumer behaviors, organizations must be nimble and adaptive to seize future success. Our people, process, experience, and insights help us to move you quickly into optimal positions designed to help you grow.


Business and Brand Strategy

In many cases, organizations separate business and brand strategy, each focused on achieving specific objectives yet lacking a cohesive corporate strategy. This creates misaligned and silo-directed objectives. However, when aligned with an overarching corporate strategy, the business and brand strategies can effectively achieve specified, measurable objectives, all while adding value back to the organization as a whole. Are your workforce's and management team’s objectives aligned? Are all “singing out of the same hymnal”?


Business Growth Strategy



What product/service are you providing to your customers? What need/problem does it satisfy/solve? Do your customers understand? Are they passionate?


What are your current sales/distribution channels? What is the buying experience like at point of sale?


How is your product/service being offered to your consumer? Is the presentation directly addressing their need/problem? What does your online presence accomplish?


Is the value equation balanced? Would consumers be willing to pay more? Should they be paying less?



What is the focus of your marketing program? Is it effective? And affective? Do you have a narrative that is relevant to consumers? Are they all in?


Who are you to people? What do they say about you? How well are you controlling the personified brand?


What do you know about your core consumer? What drives them? How and why are they making a decision to buy your product/service over the competition?


How and how well are you maximizing your revenues and margins? Are you financially poised for growth? 


Digital Transformation and Renewal 

Without a doubt, technology and innovation are shifting consumer behavior in just about every aspect of our lives. While technology is key, it is an organization’s response to — and strategy toward — technology and innovation that enables success or failure. By understanding the market, key competitors, brand and messaging, as well as operations in the digital space, we have the capabilities and track record to deliver the right experience for your consumer.


Workforce Enculturation 

One of the most important elements of any business is buy-in (guidance, ownership and participation in the brand) from your employees. If done correctly, workforce enculturation ensures business and brand development strategy alignment on an on-going basis, it strategically operationalizes the brand, and creates focus on the future of the organization.