Cultural Pioneering in the Mad, Mad World of Marketing

Forgive my ramble.

On the outset, marketers should clearly establish the desired role they have in mind for the communications before the first piece of advertising or marketing message is even concepted for creation. What do (I) we want people to do? What is the role of my communications? How can communications effectuate change relative to the issue and affect people. Generally speaking, there are four roles of communications.

Think Role – The objective being to get people to think differently about a product/service.  Cognitive.

Act Role – The objective being an immediate response, to take some sort of action.

Feel Role – The objective being an emotional one. Get people involved and they will be more likely to take out additional information.

Relate – The objective being to get people to talk about something.  To re-rank things.

In the field of business strategy, planning and messaging development, I speak to very specific masses of people.  My audience.  My target. Two descriptions that I completely despise, because I am both.  I am a target for some companies. As well as an audience for others. However, at my base level, I am a person.  We are communicating with people.

OK. Ramble complete.  

As a Cultural Pioneer, I hope to influence the people who are creating messaging. Specifically, those creating messaging counter to our culture. Those who are purposefully pushing the boundaries for the sole purpose of “attention by shock”. Marketers have become cold to their own result.  Celebrating the successes of the messaging, the result of which, in many cases, are things that many of us would prefer never happen – message that could eventually influence a shift in culture.

Now, I am not suggesting that my role as a cultural pioneer becomes a gatekeeper or censor.  But rather a voice of reason. Or better, a voice of responsibility.

Afterall, “Responsibility Matters.”

Andy Kovan